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Homeowners Insurance

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Protection for Homes in Willard, MO and Beyond

A home symbolizes family, comfort, and security. It serves as a reflection of the individuals residing within its confines – from the exterior framework to the interior atmosphere. However, a home also symbolizes an investment. This investment may change depending on the value of your home, which means you will need a home insurance policy tailored to suit your needs.

As an independent agency, Advisor Insurance Agency can truly put clients first. We have strong relationships with a collection of established carriers and underwriters. After consulting with clients, we turn to providers such as Nationwide, Travelers and Safeco for the best policy options and price. Our clients are often able to bundle their coverage for additional savings.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

A basic home insurance policy through Advisor Insurance Agency covers four main areas:

Liability Coverage

Personal general liability under home insurance covers accidents of bodily injury and property damage someone else may suffer. For example, if a visitor trips and falls in your home, liability insurance can help pay for their medical bills. It can also protect you in the event of a lawsuit regarding these types of accidents. Liability can also extend to cover damage and injuries caused by your children or pets. If your pet bites someone, or if your child accidentally breaks someone’s window with a baseball, liability insurance can help pay for the related expenses.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage provides compensation for damages to the physical home and its attached structures. It covers against a list of perils, including fire, wind, hail, lightning, smoke, explosions, falling objects, theft and vandalism. This does not generally cover things such as fences and outdoor signs.

Personal Belongings Coverage

Personal belongings coverage provides compensation if your personal items are lost or damaged due to many of the same perils as covered by dwelling insurance. There are also optional policy floaters available to cover your expensive items such as jewelry, furs, art and electronics.

Additional Living Expenses

Additional living expense coverage helps cover costs related to temporarily moving if your home is rendered uninhabitable by a disaster. If a hurricane sweeps in and destroys your home, for example, this coverage can help with cost such as food and temporary shelter.

Protect Your Home Today

At Advisor Insurance Agency LLC, we are dedicated to serving our clients however we can. We work one-on-one with these individuals to confirm their expectations are exceeded. Service continues long after the policy purchasing process and we make a point to be available for our clients. Don’t let your assets remain unprotected from risk. If you’re ready to begin building a homeowners policy, request a quote.

Common Home Insurance Questions

How Does Home Insurance Work?

When you purchase a home insurance policy, you typically pay monthly premiums in return for coverage. While the policy is active, you can file a claim for damages or losses you may suffer as covered by home insurance.

What Is A High-Value Home?

A high-value home is a home that exceeds the average value. The higher value the home, the more home insurance you will need. To completely cover your valuable assets, you will need a high-value home insurance policy tailored just for you.

What Does High-Value Homeowners Insurance Cover?

High-value homeowners insurance covers much of the same as a standard home insurance policy, although higher limits are available for claims. There are also additional coverages and endorsements for high-value clients to cover items such as jewelry, furs and art.

What Is The Difference Between Home Insurance And High-Value Home Insurance?

The main difference between a standard home insurance policy and a high-value home insurance policy is the claim limit. A high-value home insurance policy can ensure that your valuable home is rebuilt to the same value or uncapped value after a disaster.